Chapter 755 - No Retreat

Even though Nie Yan was blinded, his powerful senses allowed him to lock onto the opponent’s position.

Nie Yan didn’t panic like the average player would. Rather, he was extraordinarily calm.

Nie Yan entered a mysterious new state. After losing his sight, all his other senses were greatly sharpened.

It was almost as if he weren't blind. Nie Yan could easily sense the direction the enemy’s dagger was coming from. He could even feel the icy killing intent emanating from the blade.

These were the senses of a Shadow Dancer. Nie Yan’s comprehension grew even deeper.

Apart from their astonishing speed, Shadow Dancers also had a hidden talent, their sharp senses. Their powerful perception allowed them to immediately lock onto any threats, regardless of the situation.

Sensing the enemy’s dagger stabbing towards him, Nie Yan raised his own dagger to block. KLANG! The two blades clashed against each other.

Nie Yan quickly retreated two steps. His ears twitched as he took in all the sounds in the surroundings.

What!? Did it fa...

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