Chapter 755 - No Retreat

Even though Nie Yan was blinded, his powerful senses allowed him to lock onto the opponent’s position.

Nie Yan didn’t panic like the average player would. Rather, he was extraordinarily calm.

Nie Yan entered a mysterious new state. After losing his sight, all his other senses were greatly sharpened.

It was almost as if he weren't blind. Nie Yan could easily sense the direction the enemy’s dagger was coming from. He could even feel the icy killing intent emanating from the blade.

These were the senses of a Shadow Dancer. Nie Yan’s comprehension grew even deeper.

Apart from their astonishing speed, Shadow Dancers also had a hidden talent, their sharp senses. Their powerful perception allowed them to immediately lock onto any threats, regardless of the situation.

Sensing the enemy’s dagger stabbing towards him, Nie Yan raised his own dagger to block. KLANG! The two blades clashed against each other.

Nie Yan quickly retreated two steps. His ears twitched as he took in all the sounds in the surroundings.

What!? Did it fail!? Butcher Sark was caught off guard. He thought for sure his strike would kill Nie Yan.

Sark looked up, only to discover Nie Yan’s eyes were cloudy and unfocused. There was no mistake. The Flash Bomb worked. Then, how did Nie Yan manage to block his attack?

This brief moment of hesitation gave Nie Yan the time he needed to catch his breath.

Run Through!

Sark didn’t dare to underestimate Nie Yan. He lunged forward, stabbing out with his dagger.

Nie Yan slightly leaned his body to the side. At the same time, he reverse gripped Zennarde’s Sword and stabbed down toward Sark’s wrist.

Sark reacted instantly, basically on reflex. He cancelled his skill midway and pulled back his hand.

At this moment, Nie Yan spun around with a side kick toward Sark’s chest.

This was Sark’s first time encountering this style of combat. He hurriedly crossed both his arms to block.

BANG! The powerful kick knocked him off his feet. He rolled on the ground for six meters before finally regaining his balance.

Sark and Nie Yan weren’t on the same level. This single exchange revealed the gap between them.

How was it possible that Nie Yan fought with pinpoint accuracy despite losing his vision? Sark couldn’t describe the shock in his heart right now. If before he wondered how Nie Yan still remained undefeated to this day, he now started to understand.

In terms of skill, Nie Yan was like an insurmountable mountain. Even Sark who was normally filled with unbridled arrogance felt a heavy pressure weigh down on him.

Nie Yan focused his senses. He could clearly feel the strength of his kick, Sark’s current position, and everything else going on in his direct surroundings. By relying on his other senses,, he created a virtual facsimile of the world around him in his mind.

Nie Yan was about to pounce forward and finish off Sark, when—Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Several arrows came flying towards him, along with a spell or two mixed in.

Sensing the angle they were coming from as well as their speed, Nie Yan leaped back at the last moment. Put put put! The arrows struck the ground.

A powerful presence came rushing over from the sky. It was the Demon Slaughterer!

Nie Yan could no longer be bothered to care about Sark. He quickly turned around and fled. Like a cheetah sprinting through the plains, he was as fast as lightning.

Seeing the Demon Slaughterer approaching, Soaring Angel and the others quickly scattered.

「Sark, did your Goblin Flash Bomb fail?」Soaring Angel asked in doubt. He had clearly seen Nie Yan getting hit by the flash bomb. However, he seemed completely unaffected, moving and evading just like he normally would.

「No, it didn’t fail.」Sark shook his head.

「Really? That’s impossible!」The others found this hard to believe. How could someone dodge so smoothly and even retaliate if they couldn’t see?

「He’s Nirvana Flame. Nothing is impossible,」Sark replied in an insipid tone.

The four of them became silent. In the end, they had no choice but to believe Sark.

Seeing the Demon Slaughterer relentlessly pursuing Nie Yan, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. If it weren’t for the Demon Slaughterer pursuing him, they probably wouldn’t even get the chance to surround him. In fact, they weren’t even confident in preserving their own lives in that situation.

A second game of cat and mouse unfolded.

The effects of the flash bomb persisted for quite a long time. Eventually, Battle Angel Kalenna cast Cure Blind on Nie Yan. Only then did he gradually regain his vision. He could see the surroundings with his eyes again.

Nie Yan had more or less given up on Kalenna and let her do as she pleased. He’d tried on numerous occasions to control her, but he couldn’t. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise she woke up to help him cure his blindness. After which, of course, she quickly went back to sleep.

It looked like he couldn’t expect anything of Kalenna. Nie Yan continued fleeing for his life. The Demon Slaughterer was hot on his tail.

As the Demon Slaughterer dived down on him, Nie Yan suddenly turned around. He dove forward and slid right under the Demon Slaughterer.

BOOM! The Demon Slaughterer crashed into a building.

The Demon Slaughterer stood up from the pile of rubble. It shook its head and let out an enraged roar. It looked around for traces of Nie Yan.

Nie Yan had already fled more than 200 meters away.

This is my chance! Nie Yan thought. A hope short-lived, because in the next moment a player charged straight at him. It was Stone Splitter.

Charge! Intercept!

Stone Splitter was like a tank, steamrolling through everything in his path.

Soaring Angel, Sark, and the rest arrived moments later.

A giant quagmire formed right under Nie Yan. He knitted his brows and leaped back. Kicking off a nearby wall, he leaped onto the roof of a building.

At this moment, Sark appeared right behind Nie Yan and stabbed toward the back of his head.

Based on these movements, Nie Yan could immediately tell this was the same Thief that blinded him earlier. Sensing the dagger stabbing towards him from behind, he leaned to the side and retaliated with a Reverse Grip Backstab.

Just as the Reverse Grip Backstab was about to land, Sark disappeared with Gale Step.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Several arrows came flying over towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan didn’t dare to linger. After missing his attack, he leaped to an area six meters away.

At this moment, the Demon Slaughterer finally caught up. Nie Yan’s hard-fought opportunity of escaping was foiled once more by Soaring Angel’s party.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. Fine, if that’s how you want to play it, so be it! He activated Gale Step, then dashed straight toward the guild headquarters in the heart of the Clemenci Stronghold.

“Where did he go?” Soaring Angel looked around. He had lost track of Nie Yan.

“I don’t know.”

Everyone shook their head. Cruel Edge also failed to find any traces of Nie Yan.

At this moment, the Demon Slaughterer flew overhead of them, heading straight towards the center of the Clemenci Stronghold.

Soaring Angel’s face paled. "He’s heading for our guild headquarters!”

The five Masters immediately turned around and rushed toward the guild headquarters as fast as they could.

「Don’t let the Demon Slaughterer destroy the guild headquarters! Activate the defensive barriers! All arrow towers, focus your firepower on the Demon Slaughterer!」Soaring Angel passed down the order in the guild chat. If Nie Yan made use of the Demon Slaughterer, it would become a deadly weapon aiming for Angel Corps’ throat. He couldn’t take this risk.

On the streets in the vicinity of the guild headquarters, there were many Angel Corps players searching for Nie Yan.

However, it would be near impossible for these players to find even a hint of Nie Yan’s shadow.

Nie Yan’s stealth abilities could easily bypass their detecting skills.

Masters could completely disregard ordinary players. They were nothing but ants to them!

The guild headquarters’ defenses were extremely tight. It was surrounded by several hundred arrow towers. They were far more densely packed together in comparison to those located near the stronghold’s walls.

When the Demon Slaughterer arrived overhead of the guild headquarters, hundreds of arrow towers opened fire on it.

The Demon Slaughterer braved the rain of arrows. It slashed down with its greatsword. BOOM! An arrow tower was cleaved in half.

A barrier had already been erected around the guild headquarters to protect the guild’s most important building.

It appeared Angel Corps’ side had also thrown caution to the wind. No matter what, they wouldn’t allow the Demon Slaughterer to destroy the guild headquarters. As a result, they dispatched a large number of ordinary players to stop the Demon Slaughterer.

The Demon Slaughterer dove down on the ground, crushing numerous players to their death. It was still staring fixedly at Nie Yan. Braving the attacks of countless players and arrow towers, it headed straight for him.

Nie Yan discovered the Angel Corps headquarters was protected by a barrier. He was about to circle around to evade the Demon Slaughterer’s pursuit, when scorching hot flames erupted around him, forming a flame wall and trapping him inside.

The Demon Slaughterer walked out of the flame wall with a malevolent expression.

Behind him was an unbreakable barrier. In front of him was an insurmountable flame wall. Nie Yan was trapped. There was no way out.

The Demon Slaughterer was getting closer and closer. It was only 50 meters away.

Gale Step and Shadow Waltz were both off cooldown. Nie Yan planned to use the invincibility effect of these skills to charge through the flame wall. However, just as he took a step forward, a powerful shadow energy wrapped around him. He was bound in place.

It was the Demon Slaughterer’s Death Bind!

Nie Yan was a step too slow to activate Gale Step or Shadow Waltz. After being locked down by Death Bind, he couldn’t use any movement skills.

The Demon Slaughterer slashed out with its greatsword. A giant crescent shaped sword beam came flying towards Nie Yan, destroying everything in its path.

The wind howled and roared. Nie Yan could feel it cutting at his cheeks. The giant sword slash was already right in front of him.

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