Chapter 754 - Impasse

Soaring Angel repeatedly fired arrows from his bow toward the Demon Slaughterer. The other four Masters didn’t stay idle either. Drifting waved his staff and bombarded it with magic.

Stone Splitter charged up to the Demon Slaughterer. He didn’t attack it, only taking a defensive stance to hinder its movements.

Cruel Edge started planting down trap totems all over. Every step the Demon Slaughterer took, it would set off one of them. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The explosions greatly hindered its movements despite not dealing much damage.

As for Sark, he’d disappeared completely. No one knew where he was, though likely somewhere in the vicinity while hidden in stealth.

“Wretched humans!” the Demon Slaughterer roared out in anger. It slashed down with its greatsword, sending a crescent-shaped sword beam flying towards Soaring Angel and Drifting.

BOOM! A large gash was carved out of the ground. In the instant the slash came down, Drifting teleported himself and Soaring Angel 60 meters away. They continued attacking the Demon Slaughterer with arrows and magic.

The Demon Slaughterer’s movements...

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