Chapter 753 - Stronghold Besieged

60-meter high walls lined with large magic cannons surrounded the Clemenci Stronghold. The dark and foreboding muzzles of the cannons pointed toward the outside.

In the technological field of magic cannons, Angel Corps was one step ahead of the competition. According to the data from Swift Maple, their magic cannons had a minimum field of range of 1,800 meters, with their newest ones capable of firing over 2,000 meters.

This kind of defense was astonishing to say the least. After losing nearly all their strongholds in the battle against the Monet Financial Group, Asskickers United couldn’t launch an offensive against Angel Corps for the time being. Taking down this kind of stronghold with just a few Masters wasn’t possible. Even though Asskickers United had many Magisters, AoE Forbidden Magic could perhaps destroy a few of the less important surrounding structures, but damaging the stronghold’s core was impossible. Especially if the stronghold’s defensive barriers were activated.

Nie Yan arrived outside...

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