Chapter 752 - Spectral Dancer

The guild headquarters in the center of the Clemenci Stronghold. The conference hall covered a 10 by 10 meter area. Only the core members of Angel Corps were allowed entrance here.

The furnishings were simple and clean. Wearing azure leather armour and carrying a longbow on his back, Soaring Angel walked into the room. He turned to Stone Splitter beside him and asked, “How goes it? Have you made any progress in mastering your Master class skills?”

“I have, but it’s not enough. After watching the video of the fight between Lei Su and Bladelight, I feel like I’m still lacking,” Stone Splitter said in a somewhat ashamed tone. Asskickers United’s players were far ahead of them in terms of comprehending the mysteries of their respective Master classes.

“Do we have no way of digging up more information about Master classes from them?” Soaring Angel knitted his brows. Knowledge about Master-class skills and the locations of Sub Legendary and Legendary-grade equipment were the most strictly controlled secrets of Asskickers United. It was...

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