Chapter 750 - Legendary Chest

The Demon Slaughterer ferociously attacked everything in sight like an enraged beast. The Thieves were gradually being overwhelmed.

Boss, hurry!

We can’t hold on much longer!

Nie Yan picked up his pace and arrived at the altar. Under the bombarding of the 1,000 Magic Bombs, it was partially destroyed, but the main structure still remained intact.

At the center of the altar was a round monument that towered several meters over the rest of the square. Engraved on the front face was a life-like relief of a demon. It had a sinister face, sharp fangs, and an icy cold expression. This was the totem of the dark elf tribe.

Nie Yan searched around the monument and found a large keyhole in the back. Looking in his bag, he retrieved the treasure key and slowly inserted it into the keyhole. It was a perfect fit!


The entire altar shook violently. A large slab of rock slowly shifted away and revealed a treasure chest.

Nie Yan had no idea which era this chest originated from....

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