Chapter 749 - Kamikaze

After killing Flying Meatbun, the Demon Slaughterer was just about to turn back, when another Thief emerged some 50 meters away from it. He held up his crossbow and fired a volley of bolts.

Put put put! The bolts struck the Demon Slaughterer.


The Demon Slaughterer had insanely high defense!

The Thief didn’t even put away his crossbow. He instantly turned to flee, but the Demon Slaughterer had already closed in on him and slashed down with its greatsword.


Another Thief was killed.

Much in the same fashion, one Thief after another popped out of stealth and took aim at the Demon Slaughterer. None of them survived for more than a second. But little by little, they did manage to lure the Demon Slaughterer away from the center of the square.

The ground was littered with corpses. There was a trail of bodies leading out from the square. Before long, the casualties reached over 100.

The Demon Slaughterer brandished it greatsword, calling a shower of fireballs down onto the square.

“This is where...

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