Chapter 748 - A Meat Bun Thrown is Forever Lost

Even if it were Butcher Sark, a single Thief wouldn’t have much effect on the overall situation.

Nie Yan turned to Hapless Frog and Tyrannical. “How are you guys? Are you confident in taking on your class advancement quests yet?”

“Watchful Snail helped prepare us. We’re almost ready to do our class advancement quests. We’re just worried that our equipment isn’t good enough,” Hapless Frog said. He didn’t dare to boast.

Nie Yan examined Hapless Frog and Tyrannical. “Your gear is good enough. Don’t worry. Give it your all, and I’m sure you two will successfully become Shadow Dancers.” 

“Really?” Tyrannical’s eyes lit up with excitement.

A lack of confidence was the main thing stopping Tyrannical and Hapless Frog from attempting their class advancement quests. If they failed, not only would they waste a large amount of time, but they would also have to wait several months to try again. So, they worked hard on raising their levels and improving their equipment to improve their chances of succeeding. Nie Yan’s words had undoubtedly given them the last push they needed.

Both Hapless Frog and Tyrannical...

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