Chapter 747 - Butcher Sark

For a guild to be truly united, a charismatic leader was indispensable!

Suyo turned to face Ronin. “If you establish the guild, we’ll all do our best to support you.”

Ronin nodded. “Alright, let’s do it. Establishing a guild isn’t that hard anyway. And with a backer like Nirvana Flame, it’ll be even simpler.”

Ronin’s party formed a contract with Nie Yan.

“What do you plan to call the guild?” Nie Yan asked.

“I already have something in mind, Heaven Song. What do you think? It’s the name of an old team of mine,” Ronin said.

“Heaven Song…?” Nie Yan mumbled in a bit of a daze, assailed by an indescribable feeling of shock.

“Huh? What’s the problem? Is the name no good?” Ronin asked. He didn’t understand why Nie Yan had such a strong reaction to it.

“No, it’s nothing.” Nie Yan shook his head. “The name is fine. Call it Heaven Song.” He wasn’t shocked because there was an issue with the name, but rather that he knew it. In the previous timeline, late into the game’s cycle a guild with this exact name popped up out of nowhere....

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