Chapter 746 - Revival

Everyone thought Nie Yan was dead. However, moments later their hopes were shattered as they spotted a silhouette leisurely walking out of the storm of electricity.

Crackling electricity danced around Nie Yan’s body, unable to harm him in the slightest. He appeared to be protected by a barrier of light. 

Nie Yan was actually still alive!

Wrapped around in electricity, Nie Yan seemed like a god right now.

A heavy pressure bore down on the players of Angel Corps.


“He-he’s still alive? Even after all that? H-how…?”


The players stared at Nie Yan like they were staring at a freak. They wondered if he even had a health bar. Perhaps he truly was invincible.

A sense of helplessness welled up in their hearts. The invincible legend lived on.

No one knew what to do against Nie Yan. The Warriors stopped in their tracks. The Mages forgot to cast their magic. They had lost all will to fight. It seemed like nothing they did against him worked.

To capture his death for the world to see, the Angel Corps players were all recording...

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