Chapter 745 - Deadly Trap

Nie Yan’s appearance caught this Angel Corps expedition team completely off-guard. But for better or worse, they were still members of the number one guild in the Satreen Empire. They quickly reported to Soaring Angel in the guild headquarters and took measures to lock Nie Yan down.

Nie Yan was too strong. There wasn’t one player here who could survive a single attack from him. So, the Angel Corps players summoned their pets to surround him instead.

Even though these pets were nowhere near as valiant as Lil’ Gold, they were still tough to deal with. There was a wide variety of them, such as Silver Fangs, Tundra Ursine, Succubi , and so on.

Nie Yan pulled open Divine Recruitment and summoned Paladin Lafus.

“For the light!” Paladin Lafus buffed himself with numerous blessings, then charged toward the enemy pets.

Nie Yan quickly pulled back. Chanting an incantation, an enormous Golden Dragon appeared out of thin air.

“It’s Nirvana Flame’s Golden Dragon!” 

“Don’t panic! His Golden Dragon has a counter skill....

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