Chapter 744 - Bloodbath

Great White Shark’s expression flashed with a hint of anger. But he was quickly all smiles again. “Long no time no see. There’s no need to act so distant, is there?”

After spotting Violet Night who was trying to make himself scarce, Great White Shark greeted, “Violet Night! You lil’ punk, you’re here too, huh?”

Violet Night awkwardly laughed, a hint of fear in his eyes. “H-hi Big Bro Shark.”

They were completely surrounded by Angel Corps players. Violet Night already sensed the tense atmosphere. So long as Great White Shark gave the word, they would be swarmed by 1,000 players. He believed even Nie Yan wasn’t their match. There was no way their party could escape.

“What!? Who the fuck you calling big bro? Huh? Huh!?” Great White Shark cursed. FWWAAP! He smacked Violet Night off his feet. Violet Night fell in front of two Warriors. If he tried anything funny, they would immediately kill him.

Fear immediately overcame anger. Violet Night bit down on his lip. He knew nothing good would come out of him trying to act tough.

The other Angel Corps players, who were...

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