Chapter 743 - Demon

This dark elf settlement was flourishing despite its location in enemy territory. Dark elf guard squads patrolled the streets. They comprised up to 100 troops of different classes, and were fully armed, wielding various weapons.

Nie Yan scanned his eyes over the faces of these dark elves. Their appearances were similar to that of ordinary white elves, except for their dark skin and silver hair. They all had black moons engraved on their armour.

In Conviction’s lore, dark elves were traitors who abandoned their faith in the moon goddess and became devout followers of the demons. In the battle for the world tree, they were defeated and banished from the surface world. Some fled to the underworld. Others hid in remote corners of the Atlanta continent, continuously hunted down by the white elves.

Nie Yan evaded the sights of the guard squads and headed deeper into the settlement.

Before long, he could make out a square in the distance. A large silhouette wandered around in the center. It...

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