Chapter 742 - Treasure Key

The Twin-Headed Ogre closed in on Nie Yan and smashed down with its spiked club.

Seeing Nie Yan about to be smashed into a meat patty, Suyo and Ronin closed their eyes and turned their heads away in reflex.

Everyone thought Nie Yan was a goner for sure.

As the club came down on him, Nie Yan raised his head, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

BOOOM! The club dug into the earth. However, Nie Yan was nowhere to be found. The Twin-Headed Ogre appeared visibly confused.

Before the Twin-Headed Ogre could lift its club back up, a silhouette appeared right under it. BANG! Nie Yan ruthlessly elbowed it in the abdomen.

“GROAAARG!” The Twin-Headed Ogre staggered back several steps.

Nie Yan braced his hands on the ground in a handstand, then launched himself up in the air. He struck the Twin-Headed Ogre’s jaws with a powerful sweeping kick.

BANG! The Twin-Headed Ogre was sent reeling back.

As the Twin-Headed Ogre crashed to the ground, Nie Yan dropped back down with a brutal knee strike to...

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