Chapter 741 - Twin-Headed Ogre

After silencing Violet Night, Ronin turned back to face Nie Yan. He reached into his bag and pulled out an ashen, parchment scroll. The edges were heavily worn, and judging from the overall condition of the scroll, it was quite old.

Ronin spread out the scroll on a large stone, revealing a simple map.

Nie Yan narrowed his eyes. This was a treasure map!

The area represented on the map was the Orc King Mountain Range.

“We’ve been researching this map for over a month. We’ve basically confirmed all the important locations. Now we just need a skilled Thief,” Ronin explained. If he didn’t show Nie Yan this map, it would be impossible to complete their objective since several important stages of the quest could only be cleared by a Thief.

“Why pick me? Why not another skilled Thief you know and trust?” Nie Yan asked. After all, he was just a stranger to them.

“Call it a gut feeling. I can confidently say you’re the strongest Thief I’ve ever come across,” Ronin earnestly said....

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