Chapter 740 - Elven Beauty

With the fixed teams setting off towards the dark elf tribe, there were still several thousand players in the square. Some already had teams. Others were still looking.

Nie Yan browsed through the party finder, seeing if anyone needed a Thief.

Before long, Nie Yan found a party looking for a Level 100+ Thief with at least 8,000 health. The contact person was Suyo.

Few teams ever had such high requirements. Thieves were a squishy class after all. Those with 8,000 health were few and far between. “Do they have some sort of quest in the dark elf tribe that has a health requirement for Thieves?” Nie Yan rubbed his chin. His interest was piqued.

Thinking to this point, Nie Yan decided to contact Suyo.

Where are you guys?

You have 8,000+ health?」Suyo asked in surprise. The voice coming from the other end was pleasant to the ear.

Yeah,」Nie Yan replied. Thanks to his equipment and various stat bonuses, he’d already surpassed 20,000 health. This was inconceivable...

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