Chapter 739 - Dark Elf Tribe

A seed of doubt had already been planted. If anything else suspicious occured, Horny Black Bull would likely be driven out of Angel Corps.

What kind of person is Horny Black Bull?」Nie Yan asked Swift Maple in a whisper.

I can’t really comment. He has a fiery temper. A lot of people get offended by it, but he’s also loyal to his own. He’s got some pretty good friends in the guild. If we tried to frame anyone else, it might have been difficult. But we should have no problem pinning the blame on him,」Swift Maple said.

Nie Yan got the gist of Horny Black Bull’s personality. He was an open and honest fellow. The way he spoke to others was also pretty frank. A lot of people couldn’t appreciate this. More often than not, they got offended by his words.

It’s a pity he belongs to Angel Corps.」Nie Yan chuckled. Given Horny Black Bull’s temperament, he would find many like-minded people in Asskickers United.

When he gets driven out of Angel Corps, we can always bring him over to our sid...

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