Chapter 738 - Framed

Horny Black Bull nearly jumped up in fright. Originally, the slash was definitely going to kill him, but it unexpectedly altered course at the very last moment. It just happened to miss him by a hair’s breadth, killing his nearby teammates and leaving only him alive!

Perfect! Nie Yan smirked. 

Nie Yan already had full mastery over Annihilation Slash. This level of control was hard to fathom for ordinary players.

11 players were killed in the blink of an eye.

The two Masters in the team were among the survivors.

Only Stone Splitter and Drifting were qualified to contend against Nie Yan. The rest were all cannon fodder.

“You bastard!” Stone Splitter bellowed. He looked at Swift Maple’s corpse who’d sacrificed himself to save him. His eyes became bloodshot like an enraged bull as he charged at Nie Yan.

Stone Splitter seemed to transform into diamond as his aura coated his body.

Sensing something off, Drifting raised his staff, ready to help Stone Splitter. He never stopped blinking around, not allowing Nie Yan to grasp his position. This was one of the reasons why it was so difficult...

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