Chapter 737 - Might of a Single Slash!

The team braved the sandstorm. They didn’t look back at Branston Town as it got lost behind the blowing sands.

We’re just about far enough away! Nie Yan thought. Stone Splitter’s group consisted of two orc Warriors, two tauren Warriors, three Shamans, two elven Thieves, five elven Mages, three elven Demon Hunters, and three Druids. This was a standard team composition. Their equipment was excellent, wearing mostly Dark Gold-grade and Sub Legendary-grade equipment.

Angel Corps distributed most of the high quality equipment they acquired among their top players. On top of this, Stone Splitter’s team regularly grinded high level dungeons for equipment. So, they naturally had quite a few good things on them.

Sweeping his eyes over the group, Nie Yan smirked. Soaring Angel would definitely feel his heart ache if their equipment were to fall into enemy hands.

The Warriors and Thieves were right at the front, all too casual. No one was guarding the Druids, Mages, Demon...

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