Chapter 736 - Assassinating an Elite Team

With team activities like these, Swift Maple would definitely be invited to participate. That was why he knew where they were going. 

According to the intel provided by Swift Maple, the team running the Baleful Beast Basin dungeon consisted of 20 top elites from Angel Corps. Leading the team was Stone Splitter. Even without Soaring Angel, the line-up was still pretty powerful. There were two Masters, Stone Splitter and a fire Elementalist called Drifting.

As time went on, more large guilds placed greater importance on Masters. The number of Masters was steadily increasing. Asskickers United’s Wood Grace and Natural Fiend as well as Angel Corps’ Stone Splitter and Drifting were the most recent Masters.

At present, there were 26 Masters in the entire server, of which 18 belonged to Asskickers United.

This Angel Corps team led by two Masters was worth taking action against.

By killing several of Angel Corps’ elites, Nie Yan would be declaring to Soaring Angel that he, the Mad Rogue, had arrived in the Satreen Empire!

As Nie Yan walked through the...

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