Chapter 734 - Satreen Empire

Seeing the fervent gazes of these players, Nie Yan rubbed his chin. It wouldn’t take much time to buy a few things on their behalf. More importantly, he could make some coin.

Even though Asskickers United and the Starry Night Potion Shop were raking in large sums of gold every day, that didn’t mean he should turn a blind eye when an opportunity for profit presented itself.

“Hand me a list of the items you need. I’ll buy them for you. I charge a 50% commission fee, non negotiable. I’m only doing this once. I won’t be coming back here a second time,” Nie Yan said. No one could identify him in his black cloak anyway. So, there was no issue charging a high price.

Hearing Nie Yan’s words, several people shirked away. A 50% commission was a bit steep. However, after thinking the matter over, most of the players still decided to take him up on his offer. After all, the goods being sold in the secret shop were simply irresistible.

Most of the players gathered here were rich. They wouldn’t bat an eye over a few gold more. Learning Nie Yan wouldn’t be coming back again, they planned to...

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