Chapter 733 - The Eighth Character Property

“To think there was such an item here…” Nie Yan was stunned.

Nie Yan recalled the Lich King Insar’s Secret Treasure Map sitting in his bag all this time. He had never found the opportunity to use it.

Insar was an incredibly famous Lich King. Many traces of his existence were scattered all over the Atlanta continent. His road to fame was paved by killing three legendary NPCs.

This was ancient history. Most history books only had one or two lines covering this era.

Seeing Nie Yan staring at the finger bone, Vaigus explained, “Our ancestors discovered this finger bone while exploring a marsh. It exudes a powerful curse aura. It can serve as an intermediary for Shadow Priests, greatly increasing the might of their curses, and contains frightening power. No elder has ever dared to touch it. When the previous elder passed away, he left me the task to find someone that can unlock the mystery behind this finger bone.”

Nie Yan checked the price of this finger bone. It cost...

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