Chapter 731 - Comrades in a Past Life

Chapter 731 - Comrades in a Past Life

Giving himself a hard pinch, Han Lei grimaced in pain. He wasn’t dreaming.

“You really remind me of an old friend of mine back in middle school. His name was Han Lei. I only came over here to ask,” Nie Yan said. He swept his eyes over Han Lei’s face. The overall impression this fellow gave was still the same. A big burly guy in Mage robes really did look a bit funny.

“Y-you’re right. My name is Han Lei. And you are…?” Han Lei asked with a stunned face. Did he really know Nirvana Flame?

“I’m Nie Yan.” Nie Yan chuckled.

“I know you’re Nirvana Fla-” Han Lei’s face flashed with a sudden realization. “W-wait, Nie Yan!?”

Nie Yan nodded with a smile.

Han Lei shot up to his feet with an overjoyed look and firmly patted Nie Yan’s shoulders. The more he looked, the more familiar he appeared. “Damn. What a small world! Nirvana Flame, huh…? You really made a name for yourself. You’re basically the overlord of the entire Viridian Empire! I can’t believe it’s you! My head is spinning! Back then, you...”

Han Lei compared their heights. He recalled Nie Yan was just a short, scrawny kid back then....

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