Chapter 730 - Old Friend

Chapter 730 - Old Friend

Nie Yan didn’t know much about the Shadow Strifer. Whoever obtained this title in his past life had never revealed themselves. So, he had no clue what skills or innate abilities it possessed.

Shadow Strifer was the second high rank title to come out after Luminous Dancer. Nie Yan had no idea what the differences were.

Mistaken Smile obtaining the Shadow Strifer title was a type of fate. With Nie Yan obtaining the Luminous Dancer title, destiny made it up to him in some other way.

Nie Yan went to meet with Mistaken Smile right away.

Mistaken Smile had just completed his quest. He was still in the guild headquarters stocking up on supplies, preparing to set out to do some levelling. He had fallen too far behind the others in level due to his long time spend class advancing.

The two bumped into each other in the main hall.

Mistaken Smile wore completely different equipment from last time. Shockingly, he wasn’t wearing leather armour but rather light armour. The Thief class was restricted to only wearing cloth armour or leather armour. They couldn’t wear any type of metal plate armour. However, the Shadow Strifer had clearly...

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