Chapter 729 - Shadow Strifer!

Chapter 729 - Shadow Strifer!

The two Slayers rushed toward the Mandara Serpent. They leaped into the air and landed a flurry of blows on its body. A string of a dozen damage values displaying over 2,000 damage each floated up above its head.

What ridiculous attack speed!

The Mandara Serpent gaped open its maw and pounced forward. The two Slayers dodged to the side. Leaping up in the air once more, they let loose with another combo of skills.

Nie Yan was inwardly startled. Sure enough, the classes of the Demon Tribe were strong. In terms of class skills and innate skills, both Mystics and Slayers had their own unique strengths. In a direct confrontation, their high attack power was definitely something to be feared. But Nie Yan was a Thief. He snuck around in the shadows and pounced out at the perfect opportunity to deal a fatal blow. With their low health, they didn’t have the slightest advantage against him.

“Godking told us to collect some Crimsonheart Grass while we’re up here on the surface,” one of the Mystics in dark red leather armour said.

“How are we supposed to...

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