Chapter 728 - Mystic, Slayer

Chapter 728 - Mystic, Slayer

After exiting the instanced world, Nie Yan found a secluded place and prepared to use a Return Scroll to return to Calore.

When Nie Yan was half-way through channelling his Return Scroll, he heard rustling in the distance. His heart trembled. He cancelled the channeling and quickly hid behind some trees.

“Hell Ghost, are you sure the Death God’s Edge is here? How come we still haven’t found anything? We’ve been searching for almost four hours!” a strange-looking player in black robes asked exasperated.

“I don’t have any way of pinpointing the exact location of the Death God’s Edge, but it’s definitely around here somewhere. The marker is moving. It’s probably in the hands of a player,” Hell Ghost replied. 

Nie Yan knitted his brows. They’re here for the Death God’s Edge? How do they even know about it? Even more, how are they able to track its location?

Nie Yan entered stealth and cautiously approached the source of the voices until he spotted five players walking between the trees. Their clothing was nothing like that of the...

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