Chapter 726 - Abak’s Tomb

Chapter 726 - Abak’s Tomb

Holy Mountain, this place was filled with dense forest covered by thick fog.

A silhouette emerged flitting between the trees.

This silhouette was Nie Yan. After Asskickers United settled down, he handed over full control to Guo Huai and snuck off on his own.

Nie Yan had no interest in overseeing guild matters. Besides, there was no threat to Asskickers United for the time being. Even if he wasn’t there, no problems would crop up.

Nie Yan glanced at his bag. He was currently in possession of four pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set: the leather chestplate, gloves, cape, and dagger. He had also confirmed the location of two other pieces. One was in the Holy Mountain. The other was in Hilderlocke. He previously took a trip to Hilderlocke but returned without much success. Today he would retrieve the piece in the Holy Mountain!

Since he was so busy dealing with guild affairs this past month, he hadn’t had any spare time to level. He was still hovering at Level 120. However, if he wanted to raise his level, it would be pretty quick.

The Tyrant Abak Set had a...

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