Chapter 725 - Sacred Object - Death God’s Edge!

Chapter 725 - Sacred Object - Death God’s Edge!

The rewards for killing Necromancer Vorderman were astounding.

Defeating a legendary existence was an unreachable dream for most players. Even Masters were nothing more than ants in front of Necromancer Vorderman.

Nie Yan’s gaze fell on his hand, wondering what he had caught with his web line just a moment ago.

After carefully examining it, Nie Yan discovered it was a dagger about three fingers long. The blade was engraved with archaic and mysterious looking runes. It flickered with a cold light which shook his very soul, like a venomous viper eyeing its prey.

An icy feeling spread out from the handle, slightly numbing Nie Yan’s hand.

The dagger struggled in his grasp, almost like it had a mind of its own.

Nie Yan sensed a spirit residing in the dagger. It was an extremely frightening existence, even more so than Necromancer Vorderman.

Nie Yan examined the dagger’s properties.

Death God’s Edge: Sacred Object

Description: A treasure of Hades. The key to open the gates of Hell.

Requirements: 50,000 Strength, 15,000...

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