Chapter 724 - Zennarde’s Sword Breaks Through!

Chapter 724 - Zennarde’s Sword Breaks Through!

After fighting for two whole days, the Royal Griffon Corps suffered 900 casualties. Among them more than 30 Masters had died at the hands of Necromancer Vorderman.

As time passed, like an oil lamp slowly drying up, so to did Necromancer Vorderman's spark of life slowly dim until almost nothing was left.

Nie Yan inspected Necromancer Vorderman’s status. His health had already fallen to critical levels, but the exact figure wasn’t shown. As for the bone dragon, it was also on the verge of death.

Necromancer Vorderman stood atop the bone dragon’s head, the flames in his eyes flickering with an inconsolable grief.

“Brave soldiers, Necromancer Vorderman is at the end of the road. Your achievements will be recorded down in the history books!” Nie Yan shouted. He knew NPCs cared greatly for glory.

“For the glory of the Viridian Empire!” The Royal Griffon Corps intensified their assault. They were about to overpower Necromancer Vorderman completely.

“Despicable humans, you can all follow me...

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