Chapter 723 - Utterly Alone and Abandoned

Chapter 723 - Utterly Alone and Abandoned

Stepping out of the game capsule, Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

His heart was still racing from all the tension. Tomorrow, when he logged back on, the guild headquarters would be officially moved to Okoron.

Qin Han’s army was reduced to less than 2,000,000 skeletons. The biggest obstacle left was Necromancer Vorderman and the bone dragon. Nie Yan didn’t know if the Royal Griffon Corps were up to the task. If those two were killed, everything would be settled.

As for the actual players on the side of the Monet Financial Group—900,000 of them in total—Nie Yan had a way to slowly whittle them away until there was no one left. By the time their forces reached Okoron, the system would’ve considered the siege at the Cripps Stronghold concluded, allowing all fallen players to revive.

Nie Yan had just finished breakfast, when his phone started ringing. It was Guo Huai.

「So!? Did you transfer the guild headquarters over in time!?」Guo Huai anxiously asked.

「Of course. When we get back online tomorrow, the guild headquarters will be in Okoron.」

「Phew… That’s a relief. When you...

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