Chapter 722 - Death God Tempest!

Chapter 722 - Death God Tempest!

Qin Han was in trouble if the Viridian Empire had decided to dispatch their troops against him.

Boss, what do we do?」Matchless Divine Sword asked anxiously.

How long until the Royal Griffon Corps arrives?

I estimate 20 minutes at the latest.

Qin Han checked the time. There were another two hours before the servers would shut down.

We have to take down the Cripps Stronghold within the next 20 minutes.」Qin Han said in a heavy tone.

As the battle progressed, Qin Han’s army had been whittled away to only 2,000,000 skeletons. But with Necromancer Vorderman and the bone dragon wreaking havoc inside the Cripps Stronghold, Asskickers United’s losses were also rapidly adding up. Their casualties already exceeded 700,000. The 300,000 players still standing were bitterly holding on.

Necromancer Vorderman was simply too frightening. He was far too strong for any player in the game, and under his command the fallen would rise as skeletons. Asskickers United could only try and preserve the guild headquarters, hunkering down on the surrounding buildings. There were several dozen arrow towers...

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