Chapter 720 - Return of the Bone Dragon!

Chapter 720 - Return of the Bone Dragon!

「Adjust the aim! Load the buckets!」

All 1,000+ catapults were aimed at the vast sea of white below.

「Fire! Blast them to oblivion!」Undying Scoundrel exclaimed.

Qin Han had a smug smile on his face as he watched God Executioner Sword’s catapults advance toward the Cripps Stronghold. At this moment, a sharp whistling sound cut across the air. Turning towards the source, his face paled as he saw a dense hail of shells raining down from the sky.

W-what’s going on?

Before Qin Han could react, the shells had already fallen. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! God Executioner Sword’s catapults were blasted apart as metal and wood fragments flew out everywhere.

After only a single barrage, more than two thirds of Qin Han’s 100 catapults were completely destroyed. Most of the remaining ones were broken and in dire need of repair.

Qin Han felt his heart bleeding. He had invested tons of resources and energy into these 100 catapults. But before he even got a chance to use them, they were smashed into pieces. Gazing at the surrounding mountain peaks, he could vaguely...

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