Chapter 719 - Teleport Formation

Chapter 719 - Teleport Formation

The skeleton army had sealed off the Cripps Stronghold so tightly not even a mouse could sneak out. Apart from a few steep cliffs they couldn’t reach, they were everywhere, like an ocean of bones.

Bone mammoths appeared among the skeletons. They were gigantic, weighing thousands of pounds. There had to be at least tens of thousands of them. Who knew where Qin Han had gotten them from. Even Nie Yan had never seen them before.

Qin Han stood on a mountain peak across from the Cripps Stronghold. Overlooking the land, he saw skeletons stretching out as far as the eye could see, looking as though they were going to engulf everything in their path.

His lips curved into a sinister grin. 6,000,000 skeletons was absolutely sufficient to thoroughly destroy the Cripps Stronghold. Afterwards, the Monet Financial Group would start taking over Asskickers United’s territory.

“Boss, when we were mobilizing the troops, I put Eternal Sin in charge of sieging several of Asskickers United’s strongholds to the south. However, he seems to be...

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