Chapter 718 - Return of the King!

Chapter 718 - Return of the King!

Glory and sorrow, renown and regret… all sorts of complicated emotions intertwined, reflected in the expressions of every person’s eyes.

None of them expected so many comrades to turn up.

A feeling of longing and nostalgia welled up in their hearts.

Everyone watched as Black Hell slowly walked up to the center of the square, their vision growing blurry with tears. Brother, what a familiar term of address. Even after such a long time, the word still remained deeply etched in their minds. At this moment, no one saw Black Hell; they saw their guild leader—Invincible!

Many races were gathered in the square. Humans, elves, orcs, giants, dwarves, they had all come together for one person.

Seeing all these passionate people, a thought surfaced in Nie Yan’s mind. If I were to disappear one day, only to show back up several years later, how many would heed my call? Could I just be like Black Hell?

Nie Yan didn’t know the answer. To be able to engrave yourself in the hearts of so many people, Black Hell—no, it was better to say Invincible—had a place he...

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