Chapter 716 - Staking Everything on the Final Battle

Chapter 716 - Staking Everything on the Final Battle

Over the next few days, Nie Yan hunted bosses non-stop. He levelled up multiple times and obtained high quality Level 150–160 equipment.

Nie Yan quickly reached Level 115. Where at first he only had to kill a single or maybe two Level 150-160 Lords for a level up, he now needed to kill at least a dozen!

Nie Yan provided Okoron’s NPC guards with high level equipment. From only a little over 120 people at the start, his personal army had grown to 2,600; and there were still more NPCs applying every hour!

Nie Yan originally believed he would be lucky to get 1,000 troops. His army’s growth far exceeded his expectations!

These Level 130–140 NPCs could only be counted as average among the soldiers of the Viridian Empire. Most of them were too weak to enter the armies of other cities. However, Nie Yan didn’t mind this. As long as they were Level 130–140 Elites, he would welcome them with open arms. His plan was to use these NPCs to deal with the skeleton army. The strength of a Level 130–140 Elite might not amount to much in the...

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