Chapter 715 - 10 Great Overlords!

Chapter 715 - 10 Great Overlords!

Even players on the level of Tang Yao, Lustboy, and the rest would only attempt to solo high level Elites at the most. Lords were simply too difficult. Most players wouldn’t dare to challenge them.

As the Darkwing Dragon soared through the sky, Nie Yan looked over the data of the other bosses. The strongest monster in the entire Abernathy Great Grasslands was a creature living in the Nethershadow Swamp, the Ancient Fiend Troll. It was a Level 200 Demonified Lord!

It’s him! Nie Yan’s heart trembled. There were 10 unrivalled super bosses in the Viridian Empire. Most of them resided in the depths of swamps and ravines, rarely ever appearing in front of players. However, they were undoubtedly apex existences. Even legendary NPCs didn’t dare to provoke them. They were that powerful. The rare occasion they did come out of their lairs, it spelled the beginning of a calamity that threatened all life.

Any place they passed through would be destroyed.

These 10 Great Overlords were existences that could shape the world around them.

The Abernathy Great Grasslands’ Ancient Fiend Troll, the Ocean of Death’s Nine-Headed Leviathan, the...

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