Chapter 714 - Inferno Bomb!

Chapter 714 - Inferno Bomb!

Nie Yan was flabbergasted. Yallop had gone off on his own to bring back NPCs to Okoron?

What was going on?

Nie Yan headed over to the mercenary association.

Many Asskickers United players were crowding around outside of the mercenary association.

“The boss is here!”


Everyone parted ways to let him pass. Nie Yan saw Yallop walking out of the entrance.

Yallop was a head taller than ordinary players. He was fairly conspicuous. However, even more eye-catching were the several dozen burly men following behind him. They were like walking fortresses of flesh, exuding a domineering pressure.

Nie Yan wondered if these NPCs had barbarian blood flowing through their veins.

“Master, these people are my brothers. We fought many battles for the Kavannas against the other tribes in the Abernathy Great Grasslands. After Sampur caught me, he banished them. They’ve been without a home ever since. So, when they heard I came to Okoron, they wanted to follow...

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