Chapter 712 - 13-Man Team

Chapter 712 - 13-Man Team

The players from Dark Recital fled from the Kong King as fast as their legs could carry them.

“Netherluna, how do you think the 13 of them will kill the Kong King...?” Canon asked in a curious tone.

“I don’t know. Let’s observe. I don’t really have high hopes. That’s a Level 180 Lord. If we didn’t use the Sanction Magic Formation, we wouldn’t even have dealt any damage to it!” Netherluna said. She remained skeptical of the strength of Nie Yan’s group.

No one had ever successfully killed a Level 180 Lord to date. Many guilds had tried using all sorts of methods, only to be met with failure.

Netherluna felt Nie Yan’s group was overestimating themselves a bit thinking they could take down a Level 180 Lord. 

While Netherluna, Canon, and the other survivors retreated far into the distance, Nie Yan and his group were discussing how to deal with the Kong King in voice chat.

Boss, what if those guys try to steal the Kong King from us at the last moment?」Lustboy asked. This...

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