Chapter 711 - Getting to Work

Chapter 711 - Getting to Work

Netherluna was a born leader. She was a stunning beauty, but she was also much more than that. She’d already reached Level 116, ranking in the top five on the level leaderboards. Her equipment was of excellent quality, and her skills were top-notch too. The only area where she fell short at was that she wasn’t a Master yet. She was hesitating on taking on her class advancement quest since she had no idea what it was like.

The catalyst for the Sanction Sealing Formation was a special scroll, which was consumed after use. They naturally couldn’t let such a precious item go to waste. So, they decided to make the Level 180 Kong King their target, since anything it dropped would be of immense value. A single piece of equipment dropped by this Lord would fetch them enough to eat and drink without worries for the foreseeable future.

「I’ll go make contact with Nirvana Flame. You guys stay here and deal with the boss. Be careful. I’ll be back in three minutes tops,」Netherluna said.

「Understood,」Canon replied.


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