Chapter 710 - Kong King

Chapter 710 - Kong King

A line-up of 13 Masters was a formidable force.

Nie Yan thought back to the Lava Titan in the Kiln Fire Woods. The memory of the incident still remained fresh in his mind. It had slaughtered untold numbers of players, leaving mountains of corpses in its wake. If Asskickers United produced some more Masters, they could probably try challenging it.

After making their preparations, they got on their flying mounts and set off.

The 13 flying mounts soared through the skies.

Nie Yan glanced around him. For a Master not to have a high rank flying mount was a shameful thing. So, during this short time, Bladelight and the others had all gotten themselves some suitable partners.

Nie Yan had the Rank 7 Darkwing Dragon. It was definitely the strongest among the flying mounts here. Next were two Rank 6 flying mounts, both of which had only recently hatched. One was Xie Yao’s Phoenix, while the other was Smoke Stub’s Azure...

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