Chapter 709 - The 13th Master Class Player

Chapter 709 - The 13th Master Class Player

The players arriving in Okoron either came by flying mount or were already levelling in the Abernathy Great Grasslands. They strolled the streets full of curiosity for this first player-built city.

Even though Okoron was much smaller than a major city like Calore, it was already quite amazing. Seeing the clean streets and rows of shops, the players gasped in amazement. Just how much gold was spent on building such a city!?

Nie Yan erected a mercenary association downtown and began a recruitment campaign for NPCs to join his army. Even with the announcement out there, it would take some time for NPCs to start streaming into Okoron.

Nie Yan wondered about how he would develop the city’s commerce. The only way to convince players who visited here to stay was with a flourishing trade. As he was drawing up plans and making preparations, Guo Huai sent word that many businesses were inquiring about opening up shop in Okoron. Even though Okoron was only recently established,...

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