Chapter 708 - Okoron

Chapter 708 - Okoron

These Level 100 Black Lions were no match for the Level 180 Great Berserker Yallop. With only his bare fists, he pummelled the lions one after another into the ground. This patch of green was soaked deep red with corpses littering the area.

“Damn, he’s a beast! If we fit him with a set of high level equipment, he’ll be even more unbelievable.” Bladelight and Smoke Stub were speechless. Even as a Champion and Sword Saint respectively, they were no match for Yallop. The level difference was too great.

Yallop was brave and powerful. His battle experience was extremely ample, not any inferior to that of a Master.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. If Yallop could become a Master, he would grow many times more powerful. NPCs could also take class advancement quests like players. However, for them it was an extremely dangerous affair. If they died, that was it. So, they were extremely cautious.

About 20 minutes later, the reinforcements Nie Yan asked for arrived. The 500 players separated...

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