Chapter 707 - NPC Follower

Chapter 707 - NPC Follower

Yallop’s gaze seemed to cut through Sampur. He looked like he wanted to tear Sampur’s throat out.

“Kneel!” A guard ruthlessly stomped the back of Yallop’s knee.

Yallop nearly collapsed to the ground, but he forcefully regained his footing.

“Sampur, a warrior of the Kavannas will never kneel before anyone!” Yallop said in a deep tone, his eyes shining with an unyielding light.

Sampur’s eyes flashed with killing intent. However, he still maintained his calm. “Yallop, you’re free.”

“Cut your bullshit, Sampur. What are you planning. You think I’ll fall for your trickery so easily?” Yallop sneered.

“The Great Prophet is the new lord of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. He’s decided to absolve you of your crimes. So, you’re free. But from now on, you’re no longer a warrior of the Kavannas. You’re hereby banished from the tribe,” Sampur coldly said.

Yallop was stunned. He slowly turned his head to Nie Yan. Only...

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