Chapter 706 - Slave Yallop

Chapter 706 - Slave Yallop

While riding on the Darkwing Dragon, Nie Yan examined the three items in his bag.

The first item was a brocade map. It gave an illustration of the topography of the Abernathy Great Grasslands, with the forests, rivers, lakes, plains, and so on. Everything within the golden border drawn over the map was his territory.

After touring around the Abernathy Great Grasslands, Nie Yan confirmed the location of the border lines.

The second item was the Lord’s Deed. This was proof of Nie Yan’s rulership over the Abernathy Great Grasslands.

These two items were bound to him. With them, he was the true ruler of this land.

Nie Yan took the third item out for inspection. It was a conical shaped crystal which resembled a sharp dagger. When he took it out, it emitted a dazzling viridian radiance as a powerful, indescribable aura overflowed into the surroundings.

“What is that?” Bladelight asked.

This crystal...

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