Chapter 704 - Frantic Market

Chapter 704 - Frantic Market

When the prices of medicinal plants reached a breaking point, those selling them wouldn’t want to anymore. They would start holding onto their stock in anticipation of even higher prices. Those speculating on the market would follow in Nie Yan’s track. They would acquire medicinal plants and sit on them while they appreciated. The medicinal plants would rise higher and higher in value. So, Nie Yan didn’t need to pour in any more gold.

With a big stir occuring in the medicinal plants market, Qin Han immediately figured out the culprit. For the sake of interfering with Asskickers United, he mobilized the guilds under his rule to collect medicinal plants as well as dump all their existing stock into the market. His tactic did deal a blow to Nie Yan’s plans, causing the prices to fall back to normal for a time. However, after Nie Yan spent another 9,000,000 gold to gobble them all up, the prices rose back up. Seeing the prices of medicinal plants bouncing up and down, market analysts also got involved in acquiring the medicinal plants.

Seeing the situation wasn’t good, Qin Han could only...

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