Chapter 700 - Private Worries

Chapter 700 - Private Worries

Faced with this kind of situation, Nie Yan felt helpless. Even though it wasn’t fair, this was just how things were. Sometimes you would have no choice but to submit.

Nie Yan’s heart was filled with indignation, but there was nothing he could do.

“Forget it. It’s fine.” Father Nie helplessly laughed. Sometimes you would face roadblocks like this. Even though he had people he could call in for a few favours, since the other side dared to get in his way, that meant they had some confidence too. If a clash really broke out, who knew what the final outcome would be. In the end, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

Nie Yan and his father sat down at a window side table.

Nie Yan had no idea how to comfort his father right now. After serving in the military for so long, Father Nie’s temperament was extremely frank. He absolutely loathed this side of business; paying bribes and fawning over someone just to get work done. The exchange with Bureau Chief Hong just a moment ago was already the limit of his...

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