Chapter 699 - Dinner Party

Chapter 699 - Dinner Party

Nie Yan and his parents chatted for a while. They asked him about how well he was doing and his life in the Top Military Academy. After knowing everything was well, they could put their minds at ease. Mother Nie still had to sort out some financial matters. So, she headed back downstairs. Right now the only people left in the office were Nie Yan and his father.

Father Nie looked at Nie Yan, seemingly hesitating to say something.

Seeing his father’s expression, Nie Yan immediately knew what he wanted to talk about.

Father Nie eventually seemed to make up his mind and broke the silence. “The company performance has grown by 50% in the second quarter. We’re also making a lot of headway in expanding our businesses. Several big names in the industry such as East Stone and Sonic have sought us out for partnerships. Large companies like these, with their resources and influence, they would normally never put upstarts like us in their eyes. I was suspicious and wary at first, but so far we’ve been benefiting immensely.”

Nie Yan immediately...

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