Chapter 698 - Great Prophet’s Fiefdom

Chapter 698 - Great Prophet’s Fiefdom

Nie Yan’s group arrived back at the Cripps Stronghold. After learning they had returned victorious, Asskickers United’s chat exploded with excitement.

Divine Protectors had the floor wiped with them! Let’s see them try to act arrogant again in the future!

Right! Remember when Divine Protectors joined up with Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Angel Corps in attacking us at the Cripps Stronghold? They killed so many of our brothers. Now they’ve gotten a taste of their own medicine! Just thinking about it is so damn satisfying!」 

The battle in the Karukes Stronghold greatly boosted morale. Even though several strongholds were under siege by Qin Han’s skeleton army, the players from Asskickers United weren’t disheartened. They would surely achieve victory!

Divine Protectors suffered a huge setback. With the Karukes Stronghold being trampled over, their prestige hit rock bottom. Many players no longer had the face to continue wearing the guild emblem. In a short five days, more than 60,000 withdrew. This was great news for Asskickers Un...

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