Chapter 697 - Forbidden Lightning Magic

Chapter 697 - Forbidden Lightning Magic

Nie Yan swiftly retreated. At the same time, his gaze locked onto the arrows flying toward him.

With a well-timed slash, Nie Yan knocked three arrows out the air.

The remaining three arrows were about to hit Nie Yan. In this life or death moment, he activated Shadow Waltz.

Ding ding ding! After striking Nie Yan, the three arrows fell to the ground, blocked by the brief invincibility from Shadow Waltz. 

This was Nie Yan’s first time dealing with Soaring Angel’s tracking arrow ability, and he had wasted two life-saving skills. This kind of outcome was far from satisfactory.

While Nie Yan was preoccupied evading Soaring Angel’s arrows, the other players from Angel Corps also jumped into action.

Over a dozen players closed in on Nie Yan. They were all in groups of five. The Priests waved their staffs, sending orbs of light into the sky which illuminated the ground below. The Paladins also activated their Eyes of the Divine.

“Nirvana Flame is...

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