Chapter 696 - Lost Longbow of Sorodin

Chapter 696 - Lost Longbow of Sorodin

Not only did Angel Corps arrive much earlier than expected, but their movements had also gone completely undetected by Asskickers United.

It appeared Soaring Angel had spared no efforts for the sake of killing Nie Yan and the others.

Soaring Angely was currently one of only two Masters in the entire Satreen Empire. Add on the fact that he had ambushed Lei Su, Bladelight, and Smoke Stub with more than 20 top experts from Angel Corps, and it was no surprise he succeeded.

One of the major reasons Asskickers United could produce so many Masters so quickly was that Nie Yan had provided detailed information on class advancing. Soaring Angel had class advanced relying solely on his own strength. The fact he was the number one player in the Satreen Empire in the previous timeline wasn’t without merit. Of course, it wasn’t simply because of skill. Soaring Angel was the guild leader of Angel Corps, allowing him to monopolize all the good things in the guild for himself. This was also a crucial point.


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