Chapter 695 - Casualties

Chapter 695 - Casualties

A Thief wasn’t a Demon Hunter. Why was Nie Yan’s ranged damage so powerful!?

Nie Yan had killed Divine Flame too quickly. Two bolts was all it took, both hitting in practically the same instant. The Priests had no time to react.

“Shit. The boss died! Everybody, don’t let Nirvana Flame escape!”

The players from Divine Protectors surrounded Nie Yan, or at least his last known location, but they still couldn’t catch him.

Nie Yan would only pop out for the briefest second when least expected, fire out a volley of bolts, then disappear back into stealth like some sort of phantom. Even if Nie Yan emerged in front of them, they wouldn’t have the time to react.

“We can’t stop him! Should we retreat?” Crazy Magic asked. If they continued lingering around here, they would only end up as target practice for Nie Yan.

“If we leave, we’ll become laughingstocks. We’ll be called spineless cowards!” Bloodlust Mad Blade refused.

“At least we’ll have our lives!” Crazy Magic anxiously yelled. Just as he spoke out these words, five bolts...

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